Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Journey Till Now

Journey till now.
When I was a kid I was searching for something. Something unexplained. But I knew whatever I was searching was a sign for my future. There was a big curiosity inside me which had to be solved.
During my high school days, I felt something for a guy and I stopped searching. Falling out of that love was such a pain. And I knew that I was not going to fall for anyone again.. After some years I got busy with my studies. My college life was fun …I felt something for a guy …again. But as expected It didn't work out. One day I was crossing the entrance of my college, lot of thoughts cross checked my mind like a flash back. Like the entrance of my college I too had a lot of change within me….Someone inside my thoughts whispered “are you getting matured??  Don’t kill your creative side “I was disturbed and alone… But , at that moment I got the thing which I was searching for.. it was not my destiny or my silly boyfriend …it was me all alone trying to make a new path … and I took 23 years of my life to explore myself…and I know now , it’s just a beginning like the entrance which leads us.. 

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